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Woodlands School, Picklecombe Drive, off Tamerton Foliot Road, Whitleigh, PLYMOUTH PL6 5ES


About Governance

The Board of Governors for Woodlands School is passionate about ensuring every child gets the best opportunities in life. They work closely with school staff to ensure that the vision they hold is applied to all. Governors are regularly in school; observing practice, meeting stakeholders and working in the wider governance community. 

The Board of Governor's Strategic Aims

Governors are committed to supporting the school to:

  • deliver high quality learning experiences,
  • raise aspirations and academic achievement,
  • increase equality of life opportunities,
  • harness our partnership resources and beyond.

These Strategic Aims are closely aligned with our School Improvement Plan priorities for the next three years.

The four main aims are:

  • Provide excellence in leadership and management by engineering our key services, processes and structures so that they benefit young people.
  • Provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities to ensure every pupil achieves their optimal learning potential.
  • Offer the best possible provision to meet every pupil's needs to ensure they succeed.
  • Provide excellent support for families to ensure all young people access appropriate support.

The Board of Governors Statement of impact and Governor action plan

The Board of Governors makes a significant impact on the work at Woodlands. Governors are committed to developing their skill set and engaging with the parents, pupils and staff. You can see the evaluation of last year's Governor Action Plan (July 2019) and our new plan for 2019-20 in the links menu.  We endeavour to measure our impact at the end of every meeting and share this three times a year in the school newsletter. 

The Board of Governors Meeting dates and annual plan

The work of the governors is managed through their annual management plan. You can see the content of the various meetings in the Governance Plan in the links along with details of the next scheduled meetings. 

To register your interest in becoming a governor or Contacting the Chair of Governors

If you would like to register an interest in becoming a governor for Woodlands School, please read the Governor Code of Conduct in the links and contact our Clerk at clerk@woodlands.plymouth.sch.uk or write to the following address: For the attention of Chair of Governors, Woodlands School,  Picklecombe Drive, Whitleigh, Plymouth PL6 5ES.

Should parents, carers or members of the public wish to contact the Chair of Governors,  they may do so by emailing the Clerk to Governors on clerk@woodlands.plymouth.sch.uk or in writing to the following address: For the attention of Chair of Governors, Woodlands School,  Picklecombe Drive,  Whitleigh, Plymouth PL6 5ES