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Woodlands School, Picklecombe Drive, off Tamerton Foliot Road, Whitleigh, PLYMOUTH PL6 5ES



Email from Liam Ennis,  PE & School Sport Team, Department for Education. March 2017

I’d just like to say that it was a genuine pleasure to have the opportunity to host you all on Friday, and to hear first-hand the positive contribution Project Ability has had on the lives of Brandon and Sol. They really are remarkable young men, and I’d like you to pass on my personal thanks for them taking the time to visit us and to personally share their stories with the team.

As I’ve said countless times before, the impact of policy can sometimes feel a little distant and abstract when tied to a desk, so events like this are absolutely vital in bringing to life the incredible work currently being undertaken by partners and schools alike. On behalf of the department, I’d like to once again express our genuine appreciation, and admiration, for your expertise, dedication and passion.

I wish Woodlands School every success in future. Thank you for everything you do and will continue to do in the future.

Email from Dominic Judge,  Assistant Director – Education Policy and Partnerships, Youth Sport Trust. March 2017

Friday was a very good day to be alive and to be working with young people. All 4 of your students were absolutely brilliant and did themselves proud. I know you will also be rightly proud of them but don’t forget to be proud of yourselves too as you have clearly done some amazing things at ArbourVale and Woodlands using sport, your eminent professionalism and your love to change lives.

All the best, it was a special day!


Email from Matt Donovan to Youth Sport Trust leaders,  Jun 2016

At the start of the month Katy Wedgwood (Woodlands School, Devon) and I met for the day to discuss our ideas about Project Ability. Having a day 1:1 with another lead was such a valuable experience that I wondered if it could be supported by yourselves across the project? As I have only been part of the project for 2 years it was great to spend time with such an experienced person to gain ideas and ways of engaging.
It was the most valuable CPD I have had whilst being part of the programme.
Matt Donovan
Project Ability Lead
Claremont Outreach Service