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 All training is open to parents, pupils and school staff. Teachers and TA's are expected to attend Clicker 7 training to maximise the benefit of the continued use of the programmes.

 During the time in which equipment is loaned to you there is an expectation on schools that they will purchase the recommended equipment. If you have been loaned equipment from the Outreach Advisory Service we would appreciate your feedback and ask that you fill in the relevant evaluation form below:

Staff Equipment Evaluation Form     |     Pupil Equipment Evaluation Form

Clicker 7

Clicker 7 is a creative and engaging recording tool that can be used by pupils of all ages and all levels of ability to record their work. Clicker 7 offers symbols, pictures, word banks, sentence builders, predictive text and speech functions to support literacy throughout  the curriculum. 

Clicker 7 is personalised to each individual user with consideration to visual, auditory, learning and physical needs to successfully demonstrate knowledge and understanding through independent work. Clicker 7 has proved to be an amazingly valuable tool to those who are unable to record their own ideas, without it many pupils would have to rely on an adult scribe. You can observe pupils confidence and self-esteem growing day by day.


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Motor Skills United

Motor Skills United (MSU) is a programme devised by therapists to support all aspects of fine and gross motor skills for those who struggle to write, play games, balance and coordinate their movements and much, much more.

MSU is designed to be used regularly with adult support either 1:1 or 1:small group of 4 or 5 children. MSU does not require any specialist equipment and has a proven success record for all those who have used it. MSU is suitable for a very wide range of pupils which may include those with hypermobility, physical disability or delayed motor skills due to life experiences.

Following the training you will be able to borrow an MSU folder for six weeks. During this time our physical specialist will visit you at school to offer further advice and support. It is expected that school will purchase their own copy of the MSU folder during the loan period.

The cost of this training is £15 per delegate.


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