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Woodlands School, Picklecombe Drive, off Tamerton Foliot Road, Whitleigh, PLYMOUTH PL6 5ES


Maximising Our Trust School Status


The Plymouth North West Learning Trust was established in June 2015 and was set up to maximise the potential for partnership working on campus and beyond.  As a result, we work closely with our partners at the Sir John Hunt and Whitleigh Primary Federation and Interserve Education who are based at Wood View Campus.  We have developed a Memorandum of Understand between the two governing bodies in the Trust.  This documents sets out how we use of shared facilities,  how we will organise the management of the campus to include elements such as the library,  HelpDesk systems and management of lettings and how we will contribute to funding these services.  We work closely with Interserve to manage the facilities daily and to make changes to improve future provision.  Interserve have supported the development of our allotment area and outside play spaces in 2014-16 which supported our trust priorities effectively.  This year Interserve are supporting with the further development of the outside space and our project to install a Solardome.

Each year the trust Board decides on the priorities for partnership working across the campus.

1in 2017, we explored making Healthy Choices with our young people and this included a range of opportunities to think about health, diet and fitness over the year.  We even enjoyed a visit to a joint mock medical surgery to think about the types of medical interventions people need to undergo if they do not maintain their health! 

In 2018/19,  we explored improving mental health and wellbeing.  We put on a range of training opportunities for staff to develop their understanding of techniques to support young people's emotional and mental health.  We also gave them opportunities to experience mindfulness and to learn about how to develop their own resilience.  In school, we ran a mindfulness project with Kerry Milton http://www.mindfulmonkeez.co.uk/services/mindfulness-for-children/ which several classes benefitted from while others focused on developing yoga and relaxation sessions into their weekly routines.  All the pupils have enjoyed this and it has become a cornerstone of our provision,  to be developed over the next year in more depth. 

The focus for 2019/20 will be on staff health and wellbeing.  We plan to share more resources, ideas and access to training between our schools that focus on supporting our staff to be resilient,  develop increased strategies to manage pressure and to stay healthy mentally and physically.  We know how important our joint workforce of 400+ staff is to us and we want to support them to enjoy good work life balance and cope with the impact of everyday life.

 We will be enjoying Wood Fest in the summer  term with our primary and secondary partner schools as well as many other invited school to celebrate the joy of Woodlands being 100 this year!