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School Improvement Plan


This is our latest School Improvement Plan for 2014-15. It contains the priorities for our work over the next year in detail and outlines our plans for the next three years. The document is used by all Governors and staff to track improvements and to ensure our resources are being spent appropriately.

School Improvement Plan 2014-15 (printable version)


Key aspects of our work for 2014 onwards.

Employ strategic thinking to all our services and structures so that they benefit young people
  • Ensure our staffing structure meets pupil and staff needs
  • Engaged governance
  • Excellence based healthcare
  • Ensure organisational processes are optimised
  • Collaborate for best possible advantage

Provide excellent teaching and learning to ensure every pupil achieves their optimal learning potential

  • Ensure excellence in teaching
  • Accurate assessment and timely intervention programmes
  • Enhance our specialist provision using expert staff skills
  • Maximise our resources by sharing them carefully

Offer the best possible provision to meet every pupil’s individual needs to ensure they succeed

  • Employ specialist approaches to ensure optimal learning
  • Access to excellent support for all communication needs
  • Extend sensory knowledge and skills for all
  • Offering regular training opportunities to all staff
  • Well planned transitions

 Provide excellent support for families to ensure all young people access appropriate support

  • Encourage families into school to engage with us
  • Improve staff understanding of family needs/ parent voice
  • Involve more professionals in everyday family support
  • Offer a range of useful family-focused courses