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School Council

The School Council are a group of pupils from across the school who meet together once a month to discuss issues that are important to them. This could be anything from what trips and visitors they would like, to accessibility around school, e-safety, fundraising, bullying, or suggesting new after school clubs.

In the main school entrance the Council have a display board to help keep everyone informed and up-to-date about what they have been discussing. The board also shows photos of the current School Council members. Some classes have so many volunteers to be class rep that they have to rotate who attends the meetings! 

The School Council are supported by Becky Teft,  HLTA in Seahorse Class and teaching assistants from each class. They also work closely with the Plymouth SEND Youth Forum, and Alex Christmas, who is our Pupil Advocate.

Class reps are expected to discuss issues with their class, to ensure that everybody's views are heard. Everyone on the School Council is encouraged to be an advocate for their class, and they are supported to find solutions to problems themselves. Where the discussion raises a bigger issue, such as accessibility, Becky feeds this back to the senior leadership team and the teaching team where appropriate, to ensure that actions are followed up and the Council achieves a successful outcome. 

The School Council voice is always listened to carefully and they have made some significant changes to the school over the past year.  They voted to change the class names to those which were more identifiable for every child in school.  They also said they felt the process for leaving school at the end of the day was stressful so we changed that too!  A campaign for more accessible toilets was also undertaken and presented to Interserve who immediately purchased floor standing holders and installed hand free soap dispensers for pupils to use. The School Council is highly successful and is currently working with the local Youth Ascends Group to campaign for accessible public transport improvements.


Minutes of School Council Meeting - April 2019

Minutes of School Council Meeting - February 2018

Visit to the council chambers and Youth Parliament - January 2019

Minutes of School Council Meeting - January 2019

Minutes of School Council Meeting - December 2018

Minutes of School Council Meeting - November 2018

Minutes of School Council Meeting - October 2018

Minutes of School Council meeting - September 2018

School Council Meeting with the Governors

The school council found this e-book really useful when thinking about how we can use the Internet well.  we hope you think it is useful.