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Art and Design


Through Art and Design education our pupils have the opportunity to enjoy, appreciate and participate in a wide range of experiences which can help to develop their confidence, individual skills and knowledge and understanding of the world.  The therapeutic worth of Art and the joy of 'Art for art's sake' is highly valued alongside its role in encouraging communication, creativity and learning across all areas of the curriculum.  The processes involved in Art, and discussions regarding the pupils' intentions and feelings, are considered important aspects of the curriculum.

During art and design sessions we aim to enable pupils to enjoy and appreciate art and design, to offer the pupils the support they need to acquire confidence and develop specific skills and concepts, including the use of appropriate vocabulary. 

Through the study of art and design pupils will access visual, tactile and sensory experiences and have an introduction to a range of materials, techniques and tools.

Pupils will develop an understanding of the basic principles and ideas in art and design; mixing colour, exploring pattern and texture, exploring the use of 2D and 3D shape and form, experimenting  with line and tone.

Studying art and design will give pupils the opportunity to produce work on both a large and small scale and provide opportunities to observe and work from direct experience of the natural and man-made environment. They will be encouraged to develop creativity and work from memory and imagination.

Whilst studying art and design we aim to increase the pupils awareness of the diversity of art and design across different cultures, times and styles.

There will be opportunities throughout the school to produce collaborative works of art, in addition to individual responses and we will provide well planned opportunities to work with artists, crafts people and designers.

As part of accessing art and design in the wider environment pupils will have opportunities to visit art galleries, museums and other places of interest, and visiting experts will take part in arts weeks at the school

Art and design as part of the creative arts helps to promote the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through art and design. It encourages and develops the pupils ability to discuss, evaluate and respond to their own and other pupils’ work in a positive way and build on these findings.

As a recognition of the pupils work we offer access to Bronze and Silver Arts Awards and a Discover and Explore award for those at an emergent stage of creative development and appreciation.