The Family Team


The school provides a Family Team specifically to support families’ wider needs.  This was created to support families with all the non-educational issues that arise as part of your children’s lives.  We have equipped ourselves with a small but dynamic team of people to support children's care and health needs. We know it can be difficult to get the services you feel you need or even information to find out what support is available.  

The Family Team is is co-ordinated by the Headteacher and works closely with other professional such as the Children’s Integrated Disability team (CHIDs) professionals (Social workers, occupational therapists), Educational Welfare Officers and Parent Partnership. We have weekly meetings to keep track of everything that is happening.


We offer support with accessing services, signposting parents to support and grants and provide information that is pertinent for our families.  Family consent is always requested when we seek to undertake processes such as  Team Around Me (TAM) meetings or similar.  

The feedback from families using this service is very encouraging.