Values & Ethos


Our mission at Woodlands School is to:


  • Provide a supportive and inclusive environment which offers equality of opportunity to all. 
  •  Encourage self-confidence, a realisation of self-worth and entrepreneurial spirit.  
  • Foster creativity and self-expression, physicality and high engagement with technology through all that we offer.   
  • Support children and adults to grow holistically and reach their full potential.

We aim to: 

  • Make a real difference to the families and young people we support.
  • Create a happy, secure and supportive learning environment, rich in creativity and challenge.
  • Ensure that every pupil has a voice that is valued.
  • Offer every pupil full and equal access to all areas of the curriculum, taking into account developmental needs through personalised learning.
  • Help each pupil achieve the greatest possible degree of personal independence.
  • Prepare each pupil for life beyond school, encouraging a sense of self-worth and recognition of themselves as part of the community.
  • Integrate therapies with curriculum activities wherever possible.
  • Value all adults’ and pupils’ contributions to the school’s progress and celebrate success and achievement.
  • Foster self-confidence, a high degree of responsibility and respect for self and others.
  • Ensure all adults access appropriate training and encourage development to reach their full potential.

The development of every person matters at Woodlands.  We make sure of it.