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Woodlands School, Picklecombe Drive, off Tamerton Foliot Road, Whitleigh, PLYMOUTH PL6 5ES


Curriculum overview

Woodlands School learning programmes are based upon the needs of young people, both their age and stage of development.

Our Early Years curriculum is based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage and is largely play based, discovery learning.

Older pupils form KS2 upwards follow either the Woodlands Life Skills Curriculum which melds core skills with a wider curriculum that promotes pupils independence.

Other young people who continue to require more multisensory routes for learning access the Woodlands Complex Sensory Needs curriculum.

Young people study at a level suitable to their age and ability. No pupil is disapplied from Foundation Stage or National Curriculum, sex and relationships education or RE, except by parental wish.


The different Woodlands curricula aim to:-

  • Be accessible for any child with any level of need or disability;
  • provide opportunities for pupils to learn and achieve;
  • enable pupils to interact and communicate with a wide range of people;
  • promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • prepare pupils for the opportunities and responsibilities of life;
  • enable pupils to express preferences, communicate needs, make choices, make decisions and choose options that other people act on and respect;
  • promote self-advocacy or the use of a range of systems of supported advocacy;
  • prepare pupils for adult life in which they have the greatest possible degree of autonomy and support them in having relationships with mutual respect and dependence on each other;
  • recognise pupils' diversity;
  • encourage pupils to explore, question and to challenge encourage independent learning skills;
  • provide a wide range of learning experiences for pupils in each key stage suitable for their age.
  • ensure each pupil can learn to their full potential with their physical, sensory and medical needs met through integrated therapy during the school day.

Curriculum Documents

Woodlands Sensory Curriculum

Woodlands Life Skills Curriculum - In development /  Draft

Accreditations on offer at Woodlands - overview